BMT20 Dual Iris Scanner


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BMT20 Dual Iris Scanner


BMT20 Dual Iris Scanner – Biometric Devices – Bio enable
A binocular-type iris capture and analysis device, the CMI Tech BMT-20 simultaneously and rapidly capture iris biometric images of the highest quality. It is a dual iris scanner for Aadhar. The system is easy to use and requires minimal instructions for the subject to accurately position themselves. In addition, the system can be accurately positioned by a user using the positioning feedback LEDs built into the top of the imager. CMI Tech BMT-20 is suitable for enrollment programs of all sizes, including those that involve very young children.

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STQC certified
It is convenient and accessible with mirrors and LED indicators.
The quality of the product exceeds ISO/IEC 19794-6 specifications for industrial standards.
BMT-20 consists of an onboard image processor which supports very high speed.
The device is powered by a USB 2.0 connection
Spatial resolution exceeds 4.0 lp/mm at a condition of contrast of more than 60%.
Pixel resolution:- 18.4 to 20 pixels/mm
The pixel resolution of an iris image:- 640 x 480 pixels
Distance covered:-
Captured distance (to forehead)- 0 to 10mm
Optical path distance- 350 to 380 mm
Interpupillary distance covered- 40 to 90mm
Time of capture- Approximately one second
Dual LED
ISO 19794-6