Mantra MFSTAB II Embedded Advance AEBAS


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Mantra MFSTAB II Embedded Advance AEBAS


Mantra MFSTAB II Embedded Advance AEBAS – Biometric Devices – Mantra
Mantra’s 7″ biometric terminal MFSTAB II is designed to meet the need for accurate individual identification for various applications like eKYC, access control, and time attendance with the help of an advanced biometric algorithm and PIV/STQC certified FAP10 scratch free biometric fingerprint sensor.

MFSTAB II can be utilized as a wall-mounted device for time attendance & access control applications. The device is highly durable as it comes with a capacitive scratch-resistant touch screen with 6H toughen glass. MFSTAB II utilizes the latest biometric technology to authenticate and identify users with the help of their unique fingerprint impressions. The device exhibits extended versatility with built-in GPRS, 3G, WIFI and Bluetooth, and is packed with 4,000 mAh battery. The rugged design and IP rating make the device suitable for deploying across multiple environments, either indoors or outdoors.