mDESK7 Fingerprint


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mDESK7 Fingerprint


mDESK7 Fingerprint – Biometric Devices – Mantra
Fingerprint Biometric Device is used for registration, identification and authentication of an individual by capturing their unique physical trait – a fingerprint impression. Mantra mDESK7 Biometric Fingerprint Device is an affordable, seamless, Wifi enabled device. Our fingerprint scanner can be used for various applications such as, Visitor Management, Biometric Attendance System, Canteen Management, Citizen Identification for government schemes. The 7″ Touch screen offers a flexibilities to install a classical Time recording App to a complex contract labor workforce time and attendance App. It offers identification and authentication functionality for kyc with not only capturing biometric data but also it capture other documents and image of individual through camera and that data can be stored within the device.

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