UGR 86 UIDAI Approved USB GPS Receiver for AADHAAR


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UGR 86 UIDAI Approved USB GPS Receiver for AADHAAR


UGR 86 UIDAI Approved USB GPS Receiver for AADHAAR – Car & Motors –
UGR 86 – USB GPS Receiver
UGR 86 scans iris and 10 fingerprints to register for a 12-digit UID No. or AADHAAR identifying number would be tracked and monitored by the Indian government using the Global Positioning System (GPS). When using the ECMP Aadhaar enrollment client, it is possible to attach an STQC-certified GPS To enforce this, the Sync procedure has been built to make it mandatory. Latitude and Longitude are captured via GPS, allowing computers to be controlled and Geo-fencing can be implemented, enhancing the enrollment process’s security. With immediate effect, the Registrars and Enrollment Agencies are required to begin utilizing GPS. It has also been agreed that GPS will be essential for all ECMP clients as of March 15, 2017. There will be no GPS-enabled ECMP machines left after the deadline. GPS Devices for Aadhaar Kit can also be purchased in quantity. Similar to BU353 GPS USB Devices, UGR Devices are GPS-based UID machines that have been deemed necessary by UIDAI to increase the security of the equipment. As it turned out, the UID authorities had no means of knowing where the machines had been set up. As a result, GPS-enabled tracking will be required for security reasons. Find the finest GPS device for UIDAI Aadhaar at the lowest price. Using this (link), you can download the GPS drivers.

? Can be connected to any normal USB from any system.
? Simply plug and play
? Detection of real-time location
? ABS body with a tough design
? Compatible as well as compact